The rise of social media platforms has brought about a remarkable transformation in how we connect and share our creative endeavours.

Among the frontrunners of this revolution, Instagram has consistently strived to enhance the experience of content creation and consumption.

A noteworthy testament to this commitment is the introduction of the Instagram gift feature, which serves as a significant step towards fostering a sustainable ecosystem for creators and their fans.

By offering users the opportunity to earn money through gifts, Instagram not only enriches the platform but also establishes a more robust avenue for creators to monetize their talents.

And in this blog, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of this exciting new feature, shedding light on its functionalities and exploring the ways in which it can benefit creators.

So, join us as we uncover the potential of the Instagram gift feature and discover how it is poised to revolutionize the way creators monetize their content on the platform.

What is Instagram Gift Feature?

Gifts on Instagram are virtual items that viewers purchase using Instagram Coins or Stars, which they buy with real money.

This innovative feature empowers viewers to demonstrate their support and admiration for creators by sending them Instagram gifts during live sessions or while interacting with Reels content.

By translating viewers' appreciation into tangible support, the gift feature on Instagram offers creators an impactful way to monetize their content and receive direct recognition for their artistic endeavors.

This approach not only encourages audience engagement but also offers creators an effective way to monetize their creativity.

Moreover, the introduction of the Instagram gift feature goes beyond monetary benefits for creators. It grants followers a more personal and intimate way to connect with their favorite creators and extend support.

By offering followers the opportunity to express their admiration through tangible gifts, Instagram strengthens the bond between creators and their dedicated fan base, fostering a deeper sense of engagement and appreciation within the vibrant Instagram community.

What Is the Hype About Earning Money On Instagram With Gifts?

Instagram has made it possible for anyone with a creative edge and a loyal following to earn money. The Instagram gift feature is a step further in that direction.

Creators get a percentage of the income generated from the virtual gifts they receive, making it a promising and direct way to earn money on Instagram.

As a result, Instagram gifts from followers are more than just a token of appreciation – they are a direct contribution to the creator's income. (source: Instagram)

How to Earn Money on Reels with Instagram Gifts?

The process to earn money on Reels with Instagram gifts is straightforward. During a live session or Reels, viewers can purchase and send gifts to their favourite creators.

The more gifts a creator receives, the more they earn. It’s as simple as that.

However, it's worth mentioning that generating a substantial income through this feature hinges on the regular production of content that captures and sustains audience interest.

Cultivating a loyal follower base that values your creativity and is willing to support you with gifts is key to maximizing this revenue stream.

Unlocking the Instagram Gifts Feature

Activating the Instagram gift feature for content creators is a straightforward process that can be done within your Instagram account settings. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to enable gifts on Instagram Reels:

  • Open your Instagram profile page.
  • Look for the menu icon (three lines) located in the top right corner and tap on it.
  • From the menu options, select 'Settings' and then choose 'Creator.' (Your account should be a professional or a creator account)
  • Within the 'Tools' section, locate and select 'Badges and Gifts.'
  • Find the option 'Gifts on Reels' and toggle it ON.

By following these steps, you will successfully activate the Instagram gift feature on your account. Once enabled, your loyal followers will be able to purchase and send you gifts during your live sessions or Instagram Reels, providing you with an additional avenue for monetizing your creativity and fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Has The Instagram Gifts Feature Been Released In India Yet?

YESS!! After a very long wait, Instagram has finally introduced the new gift feature for its users in India as well.

During the product education workshop, in Mumbai Paras Sharma, Director of Content and Community Partnership at Facebook India (Meta), emphasized the diverse ways in which teens and creators are using Instagram to share their stories. From Reels to Feeds, Stories, and DMs, Instagram has become a powerful platform for creative expression. The newly introduced features aim to inspire even more creativity and provide tools to help creators build engaged communities.

With the Instagram Gifts feature, creators can now receive gifts from their fans who purchase products using stars.

According to the official statement, viewers can acquire stars and use them to send gifts to their favourite creators. Instagram, in turn, provides creators with a revenue share from their Reels that received gifts. This revenue share amounts to $0.01 for every star received from fans, and it is calculated on a monthly basis.

This exciting development from Instagram and Meta in India not only enhances the creator-fan relationship but also provides creators with new opportunities to monetize their talent.

As fans show their support through virtual gifts, creators can build a more sustainable income stream while nurturing their creative journey on the platform.

Final Thoughts

The Instagram gift feature on Reels has paved a new way for creators to monetize their creativity directly. As creators continue to create engaging content, and followers continue to appreciate this content with Instagram gifts, the platform’s social ecosystem will further evolve.

Indeed, the Instagram gift feature for content creators has made it possible for creativity to be rewarded in real-time, solidifying Instagram's place as a creator-friendly platform.

It has also fostered a deeper connection between creators and followers, enabling supporters to contribute directly to the success of their favorite creators.

As we watch this innovative feature unfold, it's exciting to imagine what other possibilities Instagram will introduce in the future to further support its creator community.

For now, the Instagram gifts feature stands as a testament to the potential of social media platforms in creating a sustainable and rewarding environment for creators worldwide.


The primary recipients of Instagram gifts are the content creators. This feature acts as a new income source, supplementing their revenue from sponsored posts and brand collaborations.

By receiving Instagram gifts from followers, creators can earn a significant amount over time. This new monetization method has been a game-changer, especially for small and medium-sized creators looking to monetize their content more effectively.

The concept of the Instagram virtual gift is closely linked but not exactly similar to digital currencies.

Followers can purchase these gifts using real money, with each gift carrying a unique value. These virtual gifts, while enhancing the user experience, act as a unique revenue generator for Instagram, besides the direct earnings they provide to creators.

Instagram gifts are virtual items that followers can purchase using Instagram Coins or Stars, which can be bought with real money. These gifts serve as a means for followers to show their appreciation and support for their favourite content creators.

Creators receive a percentage of the income generated from the virtual gifts they receive. For every star received from fans, Instagram provides a revenue share to the creator, equal to $0.01. The revenue share is calculated on a monthly basis.

While the income potential depends on factors such as the creator's reach and follower engagement, the Instagram gift feature presents a promising opportunity for creators to earn money. By consistently creating engaging content and cultivating a loyal fan base, creators can maximize their earnings through the gifts they receive.