Top 16 Influencer Apps for Collaboration and Monetization

Influencer Apps for Collaboration and Monetization

Influencer apps can serve as the best tool if you're working as an influencer or willing to earn lucrative profits from your influence. Not only will influencer apps offer you new opportunities, but they can also ease out the task of hooking up to popular brands for the purpose of collaborations. You'll have an opportunity to access myriad influencer websites and apps that social media influencers can use to discover new brands willing to promote them. Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best influencer apps for collaboration:

List of influencer apps for collaboration and monetization


If you want to enhance your influence marketing skills, you can rely on Collabor8. What's more- the platform establishes a connection between brands and influencers- however, the platform is free from unnecessary rules. Influencers and brands will get a chance to set rules- for example, they can decide who they're willing to collaborate with, like the number of followers and brand types. You can install this app on both iOS and Android platforms.


ExpertVoice uses a unique principle to conduct product marketing. The website's objective is to allow people to explore brand new services and products within the niche; next, they can suggest products in an optimal state. They will receive a certain percentage of discount on current gears. The platform is incredible for retail associates, verified influencers, and renowned athletes. While featuring an easy-to-use interface, the platform allows influencers to offer honest reviews to the audience.


Intellifluence is the best marketplace that establishes a link between brands and influencers. With the presence of an active influencer marketing network, the app gives you an opportunity to meet influencers within the same niche. Besides, the app collaborates with primary social media networks such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. The app eliminates the need to obtain additional services or software for the purpose of campaign management.


Commonly referred to as SocialBook, Boostinsider helps connect brands with several influencers related to their products. The platform can be accessed freely by YouTubers, Bloggers, or people with an excellent social media presence. It's time to sign up for the platform if you own a brand or looking forward to promoting your brand or working as an influencer. You can join this platform free of cost- all you'll have to do is link the social media accounts with Boostinsider and enter relevant personal information.


Indahash requires influencers to meet specific requirements like- you should have up to 5,000 followers on a platform you're collaborating with. Apart from having a reasonable engagement rate, your platform should be free from paid followers. The platform revolves around three major social media platforms, namely- Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Besides, your page should consist of up to 40 content pieces of incredible quality.


A famous influencer marketing app, Octoly successfully connects over 300 brands with more than 40,000 marketing influencers working in different niches, such as lifestyle, fashion and wellness, and beauty. The app comes with a simple interface while allowing you to reach out to consumer care staff hassle-free and quickly.


TribeFluence facilitates the connection of advertisers or brands with various influencers working in different niches at an extremely low cost. Brands are required to pay a fee per the number of audiences they're willing to reach. Influencers can promote the pieces of stuff they're fond of and receive payment. You can look out for the best influencers apps for monetization.


The social ladder helps you track engagement, assign real-world and digital tasks, expedite communication, and offer recognition to brand ambassadors according to their efforts. An influencer looking for brand partnerships can connect with SocialLadder as the platform helps brand ambassadors to reach out to interested influencers.


IZEA allows influencers to connect with well-known and colossal brands in the industry. Influencers are allowed to create free profiles by following a few fundamental steps. You can implement the tools to find social media influencers, collaborate, pay, disseminate content, and manage campaigns.


Skream allows you to discover all types of influencers to promote your brand, whether it's nano influencers or mega-celebrities. Empowered with an incredible AI influencer search engine, the platform is easy and quick to use.


An Instagram-oriented app, Ainfluencer allows influencers to reap the advantages of Instagram marketing, irrespective of the size of your audience. The app equips you with incredible features like Offer Chat, which enables communication among the influencer and brand willing to promote content.


MNFST works with platforms like Twitter and Instagram only- the app allows you to earn money by posting on social media platforms. So, the platform equips influencers with an opportunity to help charities and support campaigns rather than promoting brands only.

Popular Pays

If you're willing to earn as an influencer via small platforms or even if you won a blog, you should check this app. Popular Pays consists of more than 60,000 influencers working in different niches. Next, you can work with small niche products before reaching out to large brands.


Through REP, you can find clients who're willing to collaborate with you or connect with clients working within in-house content agencies. The platform gives you an opportunity to work with brands operating in various industries. Besides, you'll be allowed to interact with all other members. So, brands may end up choosing you even if you are a novice. The application is capable of handling payments, analytics, and managing relationships.


TRIBE is used as a facebook-approved platform on Instagram. On TRIBE, brands may ask influencers to create contents that can be published on social media platforms to foster collaboration. You can receive payment via the escrow network after your work has been approved. More importantly, the app allows brands to collaborate with consumers who've already consumed the product.


Influencers apps offer a platform to influencers and content creators where they can register and get exposure to the brands who're willing to include social media users on their team to publish and create content on behalf of the brands.