How To Become An Amazon Influencer: Register for Amazon Influencer Program in 2023

  • Posted On : 2023-03-16
How To Become An Amazon Influencer

You are in the right place to learn how to become an Amazon influencer. Started in Seattle as Cadabra Inc in a garage by Jeff Bezos in 1994, it is now “The Everything Store.” As per Junglescout, it sells over 12 million products online across several services and categories. Every year its revenue was increasing to over 500 billion dollars in 2022.

Hence if you have enough social media presence, you should sign up for the Amazon influencer login. You can earn 10% of the profit your content sells on social media platforms without any investment, infrastructure requirement, or others as per experts at Junglescout.

Since over 93% of interne t users spend hours on social media daily, the sky is the limit for your earnings. This data from repricerexpress speak volumes about the unprecedented growth witnessed in this niche.

So, check out how to apply for the Amazon influencer program, how it works, and differs from an Amazon affiliate, apart from the requirements and step-by-step guide to becoming a successful Amazon influencer in India.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program, and How it Works?

From a modest book company to one of the top wealthiest companies worldwide, Amazon offers many ways to help people sell its products and earn income. Amazon amazes not only its customers with huge discounts and offers but also many people to earn extra income by taking no risks. Apart from its affiliate or associate program, in 2017, it launched the Amazon influencer program.

It accepts influencers to be part of the program to create content on social media platforms for their followers to buy products. Once you become part of it, you can create an Amazon influencer storefront to market many products. Also, you can share the URL of it on social media platforms apart from sharing affiliate links to earn money, depending on your efforts.

Now that you know about the Amazon influencer program, let’s understand what are Amazon influencer.

What is an Amazon Influencer?

An Amazon Influencer is a part of the Amazon Influencer Program and a content creator who recommends Amazon products or services to inspire followers through social media platforms. Their task is to help a brand drive traffic to products listed on Amazon.

Whenever any of the Amazon product is sold through the content creator, they get some commission from the sale.

How To Become An Amazon Influencer? A Step-By-Step Guide

Amazon’s influencer program has been luring influencers in various fields for the past five years to increase its sales. And it is a win-win situation for all as Amazon boosts sales, influencers get hefty commissions, and users get the right products and discover new ones. But unlike becoming part of the Amazon Associate Program, it is not easy to become an Amazon influencer.

Minimum Subscribers Or Followers Needed to Become an Amazon Influencer

Although there is no set number of subscribers or followers required to become an Amazon Influencer, the platform stipulates the candidate have an active and gradually growing followership account. At the same time, it is prudent to note that a high number of subscribers or followers means a higher chance of being accepted into affiliate programs. It also increases earning potential of the influencer.

You may be an influencer in a specific field with large followers, but you still need to apply and get approval to become an Amazon influencer. Though its requirements are vague, decent follower numbers and, more importantly, their engagement rate is essential for the approval. And for that, you need to create unique and exciting content to keep the followers and general audience engaged by clicking the special Amazon URL to increase sales. Also, the engagement should be consistent to earn their trust and build long-lasting relationships to increase credibility and earn more money as an Amazon influencer.

With its wide range of products running into millions, you can sell many products in different categories in several sectors. And with each sale, you can benefit from huge commissions without risks or spending money. All you need to have is, special social media skills to engage its users with exciting content in many forms on different platforms.

The Amazon Influencer program has been a grand success since its inception. And with more and more influencers joining the program, it is only increasing every year all the stakeholders have mutual benefits. Also, social media is becoming dominant in most people’s lives and will only grow in the future. But it is not as joining the affiliate or the associate program.

Check Out The Step-By-Step Guide To Apply And Get Approval To Become An Amazon Influencer

Step – 1: Registration

You must do the following essential things to register an account with the Amazon influencer program.

  • Go to the Amazon influencer page
  • Click the Amazon influencer sign-in CTA at the top of the image
  • Please select the right Amazon influencer account, either a new one not to have the previous purchases to link with it or the existing account to link it
  • To open a new account, you must provide your name, email, password, and address for easy Amazon influencer login.
  • In case of having an Amazon Associates program account, you should use it.

Step – 2 – Applying For The Influencer Program

Once opening the Amazon account, it will act as a base to apply for the influencer program. You need to fill in the following details for it.

  • Information or access to your most prominent social account like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and not Twitter, as it got removed recently
  • A profile picture with a minimum 250/250 pixel
  • An 1810/402 pixel-headed image which is optional
  • A bio with 350 characters and URLs or usernames to relevant social media accounts
  • For choosing Instagram, it is essential to input the followers, number of posts, and handle
  • You must link the business account with Amazon to choose Facebook or YouTube.
  • Choose the social media platform with the most presence, followers, and high engagement rates.

Even if providing all the above details for registration of the account and applying for the Amazon influencer program is unsuccessful, you can reapply after increasing the followers and engagement rates.

Step – 3 Create An Amazon Influencer Storefront

Like the Amazon Brand Registry members, you can create storefronts to market your products to your followers. The Amazon influencer storefront makes the influencer program better than the affiliate or the associate program. But with limited design and customisation options, you can have the best profile and header image to be unique from others. Also, you can create content using the products to show their usefulness to your followers to gain their trust and promote the product. Videos will be ideal for products that need demos, and photographs will be best for apparel marketing.

The best Amazon influencer storefront examples include

  • A special profile and header image.
  • Brand Logo.
  • The right content of videos or photographs promoting the product.

Step – 4: Marketing the Storefront

So far, you have registered, applied, got approval and created the Amazon influencer storefront. Now it is time to market your storefront with many ways to reach the target audience and convince them to click the unique Amazon URL to get your commission. The first way is to fill the storefront with the products you use and showcase them to increase their authenticity among the audience. Also, check other successful influencers’ storefronts to get vital queues to improve the marketing of your products.

Static photos, videos, and long and short-form blogs are the best way to market. Also, you can create Amazon product reviews, live streams, and other innovative content.

Though the Amazon Influencer program asks you to add only one social media account, nothing stops you from sharing the created content with others. Even on Twitter, the Amazon influencer program does not support it, and you can tweet about your product or include the relevant link. Use the many available technology tools to add multiple links to the many social media platforms to increase the reach of your product promotion.

How does Amazon Checks that the Creator has Helped in Sale of a Particular Product?

  • Well, Amazon website gives the creator with some of the URL parameters such as source, medium, value, language and other product specifications.

These parameters help Amazon to track the sales through the creator.

Requirements To Qualify For The Amazon Influencer Program?

To become an Amazon influencer, you need to apply for the Amazon influencer page.

Here are the steps to be followed to become an Amazon influencer. While following the process, also ensure meeting the below-mentioned Amazon influencer program requirements.

  • To operate Amazon influencer marketing, you should reside in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and India.
  • Must have a profile, a Facebook business account, a profile on Tik Tok, a YouTube account, or an Instagram account with sizeable followers though not specific, as engagement is essential.
  • Should have an Amazon account and a passion for engaging with the target audience to sell products and services without taking risks, spending money on inventory, or worrying about breakup costs.

An Amazon influencer creates content to engage their followers to promote Amazon’s sold products through the many social media platforms. For example, Top Amazon influencers post photos and videos to lure social media users into sharing with many others to promote products.

Leticia Gardner, Ashley Marquez and more influencers are helping multiple brands gain traction in the target customer market. Similarly, if you have enough followers on Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, and others posting the right content can direct them to your Amazon storefront. Your unique content will act as recommendations for the product and make the social media users click the unique URL given by Amazon to buy the products.

There are different influencers like fashion, fitness, and other successful influencers to have a decent number of subscribers that can provide Amazon sellers the best cost-efficient marketing strategy to boost sales and increase revenue and profits.


Amazon continues to amaze people by providing affiliate and influencer programs. Using your online marketing skills helps you make money with no investment or risk. And one of the significant reasons for it to be the top ecommerce seller of services and products worldwide is because of such fantastic programs for people to get commission by selling its products. But there are a few differences between them, and to know them, you need to know about each of them briefly.

Amazon affiliate marketing program is an extension of the Amazon Associate program to promote your product link from your site, blog or social media platform. You will get a commission when your users purchase products using the link. It is easy to join the Amazon affiliate program if you have a site, blog or social media account. But as an affiliate, you should sell at least one product within 180 days of joining the program.

Amazon’s influencer marketing program is an advanced affiliate program to earn around 10% of the product cost sold when the users click the unique link provided by Amazon. But being approved as an influencer is not as easy as becoming an affiliate as it is tricky, and even the information available is vague. You may have thousands or hundreds of followers on your social media account. But that is not the only criterion, as Amazon goes in-depth on your users’ engagement with your content, and their consistency is the key to getting the approval. Amazon will analyse your application of whether your followers trust you to buy products on your recommendations to approve or not approve within five days.

The above details will show the significant differences between Amazon influencers and affiliate programs. And to summarise, becoming an affiliate is easy but depends on Amazon for product selection. Also, they are less paid than influencers which are harder to get approval to become one and have control over the products they want to sell in their Amazon storefront.

The amount the Amazon influencers earn varies from a few dollars to even thousands. It depends on their unique content to engage their users to earn their trust to buy products from the Amazon storefront. 20% is the highest fixed Amazon influencer commission rate in the Amazon Games product category. Depending on the product category, it ranges from 1 % to 10 % for others.

Key Takeaways

Social media has taken the world by storm only next to the internet in the last few years. There are many social media platforms with billions of active users. Over 75% of the population above 13 + years are active on social media. A whopping 4.74 billion people spend an average of 2 hours and 28 minutes daily on social media. Hence one of the significant Amazon influencer requirements is to have enough social presence. It could be having thousands of followers or even hundreds but with high engagement rates. The above facts will help you become a successful Amazon influencer to earn money per your content quality and user engagement without spending money or taking risks.