How to get more views Followers and Comments on Tiktok

How to get more views Followers and Comments on Tiktok

Nowadays everyone is crazy about making Tik Tok videos. Whether they are children, millenniums or old persons, they are thrilled to either make or just watch. But majority of the Tik Tok creators are facing one problem, that they are not getting enough engagement in terms of views, reach, likes, comments and shares.

Mistakes to avoid on Tik Tok

Today I will tell you 3 mistakes that you should avoid on Tik Tok for more engagements.

Unique & Fresh Content

First, never ever copy any content, a sound or a video from anywhere (copy right freebies are exceptions). Yes, you can copy an idea, however always try to make and upload fresh content that is unique in terms of idea, character selection, emotion, humor etc. Explore the need of the target audience first, research and then bang on!

No Abuses

Second, never upload a video in which you abuse someone i.e. any caste, creed, sect, religion, gender etc. It will definitely spoil the goodwill of your Tik Tok channel and your image


And the last one, never upload video from any other platforms like Hago, Likee etc on the Tik Tok, this is against the Tik Tok community guidelines With these 3 simple tips and mistakes to be avoided, you can definitely increase your views, comments, and likes and you will become a popular creator on Tik Tok.

How to Increase your watch time on Tik Tok

To increase your watch time on your Tik Tok videos, you need to upload the interested and fact full video on your Tik Tok account. You should not pick up anything for uploading and just cross your fingers to become a star overnight. There should be a well-defined proper micro niche as Tik Tok algorithm will associate your account with it and will show your videos to the viewers who are already interested in your niche.

How to increase reach on Tik Tok

How to increase reach on Tik Tok

In order to grow your reach on Tik Tok, you should make the video with a fresh twist and with a interesting factor in the beginning itself so that no one is just scrolling up and down and watching your video till the end. Use your hashtags effectively.

Upload videos on a regular basis

One thing Tik Tok influencers always have to keep in mind is to upload the video on Tik Tok regularly. You cannot become famous on Tik Tok by uploading videos in couple of months, upload your video on a regular basis with proper time intervals.

Tips to become famous on Tik Tok

Tips to become famous on Tik Tok

One of great things which no one else is utilizing to become famous on Tik Tok is to share and post videos on various other platforms such as Facebook groups, communities, blogs, networking websites to influence your friends and other people on them to consider your profile on TikTok.

Bonus: Search for the keywords like “TikTok groups” on Facebook, linkedin etc and join these groups and communities on these to share your content.

Youtube is a great tool too, you can also leverage that platform to drive traffic to your profile on Tik Tok.

Benefits of joining Facebook groups for Tik Tok reach purpose

I am assuring you, for example, you have joined a Facebook TikTok group that has 5 lakh members, and if you will share a video, that can get you a reach of 1k to 10k people and not to mention that these people are already interested on Tik Tok. Hence, this will also increase your watch time and followers on TikTok.

Hope you have liked this blog regarding increasing the engagement in terms of likes, comments, views, shares and followers on Tik Tok. Feel free to share!