How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has been a much discussed topic in recent years. It is basically a type of marketing where the social influencers or people with a credible social following help the organisations promote a brand, product, service, or even an idea on behalf of the organisation. The social influencers are considered to be a credible source of information by the followers. They are somewhat celebrities in their own networks who are regarded and have the power to influence the followers to do certain things in certain ways! However, when artificial intelligence is taking over the entire world, does it even have an impact on Influencer Marketing? How is Artificial Intelligence changing Influencer Marketing 2022?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Influencer Marketing


In order to understand whether Influencer marketing is having any impact of using Artificial Intelligence or not, it is important to understand whether Artificial Intelligence has any role in Influencer Marketing or not?

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world with a rage. The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a significant impact on every field of operation including marketing. Even the field of Influencer Marketing is untouched. While some organisations use Artificial Intelligence to create influencer messages to market their products, brands, and services, AI also has a vital role to play in estimating the impact and benefit of using an influencer and the content that is being promoted. AI, in short, provides a quantitative input into the use of influencer marketing to market the brand and products or services of the organisation. AI also provides a quantitative input in terms of the performances of individual influencers and tends to link it up with the benefits that the organisations can reap from such marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing


When Artificial Intelligence is used to prioritise what we see on a search engine like Google or even in what kind of music we wish to hear, such a beautiful technology should also be used to market the organisational product, services, brands, and the entire ambit of organisational marketing. Why? Artificial Intelligence is the advancement of technology that can understand or read what the human mind wishes to hear, listen, and do on the digital platform.

With this understanding as the base, there are many organisations that have started using Artificial Intelligence Influencer Marketing. Before understanding what this means it is important to understand How is Influencer Marketing Impacted by AI or Artificial Intelligence. Well! AI has made a considerable impact in the field of Influencer Marketing. However, the influences can be broadly classified under two broad segments. These are:

1.      There are some organisations that have started using AI Influencers. These are artificially created influencers that help the organisations to promote the organisational brand, product, service, concept and ideas in the way the organisation wants to. AI Influencers are essentially virtual personalities created specifically by the organisation (or their representatives) using machine learning algorithms and different computer graphic technologies for fulfilling the organisational requirements.

2.      Another way in which most of the organisations use AI in terms of influencer marketing is in managing the entire process effectively and efficiently. Some ways in which the organisation can take the help of AI include:

  • The organisations can take the help of AI in identifying the platforms where the majority of the targeted customers are present.
  • AI can help in finding the best influencers that can suit the organisational requirements perfectly.
  • AI can also help in developing the content and provide other logical inputs during the process of creation of Influencer Marketing content.
  • AI can help the organisation in uploading the Influencer marketing content on the right platform and at the right time in order to increase the ROI of such Influencer Marketing campaigns.
  • AI can also help the organisations in mapping the effectiveness of the entire campaign, the effectiveness of individual influencers, and find out the areas of improvement in order to make the entire campaign as effective as possible.

What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media?


Artificial Intelligence or AI has had an impact on every facet of digitalisation, including the use of social media. Yes! The concept of social media gained height due to the socialisation of human beings upon virtual platforms. However, soon, such a platform was also found important by the business organisations. While the personal social media accounts like the personal touch in posting messages, images and other form of communication, the organisations have started using AI in various ways such as

  • Monitoring the social media pages of the organisation,
  • Creating social media posts on behalf of the organisation,
  • Drafting suitable social media advertisements for the organisations,
  • Targeting the advertisements such that the targeted customers are impacted the most with such advertisements,
  • Monitoring the movement of targeted customers after viewing such advertisement and making edits to the advertisement as and when required,
  • Creating influencer marketing campaigns for the organisation,
  • Managing the influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of the organisation.

AI Surely has impacted Social Media in multiple ways. Some people also believe that AI has the power to transform the way and pattern in which the organisations market their products, services and brands on different social media platforms.

How is AI Transforming the Future of Influencer Marketing?


AI has a big role to play in deciding how an organisation fares in the market. While the market has gradually shifted considerably on to the virtual platform, it is important to understand the potential of the virtual market and marketing the products, services and brands of the organisation in an apt way. AI plays a significant role in all this. In order to understand how is AI transforming the future of influencer marketing and the entire digital marketing platform, it is important to understand that AI technology is an advanced technology that helps the organisations

  • Understand the recent trends in the market (in terms of customer movement across platforms and choices of marketing techniques and products/services),
  • Understand the customer preferences in the market (in terms of ways of marketing and choices of products and services), and
  • Predicting the future expected trends in the market in terms of products/services and in terms of customer preferences.

All these would help the organisation in planning and implementing their marketing strategies effectively and efficiently.

How to leverage AI in Influencer Marketing?


Organisations have been benefitting hugely from the use of Influencer marketing and the influencer bases. However the use of AI would help the organisations manage and gain more out of such influencer marketing campaigns. Primarily, the use of AI in Influencer marketing helps the organisation in tracking and countering the frauds related to influencer marketing. Leveraging AI in Influencer Marketing at the right time and in the right way would help the organisation cut losses due to online frauds. On the other hand, the organisations can effectively and efficiently optimise the potential of Influencer marketing by using AI logically and effectively.